Auto Detailing PPF & Vinyl

PPF & Vinyl Protection for your Wrap

Ceramic Pro Vinyl Wrap

The Vinyl Wrap protection package is here to protect you. Originally  designed as a specialized highly protective coating that used for polyutherane films and vinyls, the application has show tremendous protective purposes. This coating adds a protective layer of your vehicle while adding additional style. Ceramic Pro’s film protection service protects from containments like insect acids and rock chips. The vinyl wrap protection provides a much easier cleaning of the surface compared to it’s predecessors as this film is clear, stain resistant and has self healing properties in the top coat that eliminate swirls.

The complete Ceramic Pro PPF vinyl protection program involves two coats, a base coat and a topcoat. Eventually acting as one, the two coats of Ceramic Pro PPF and the Vinyl Top provide a higher gloss and a deep wet look of the paint. This will protect any surface that has a clear bra applied from everyday wear and tear and protects from substances such as dirt, rocks, road salt, bugs and sap from trees. Generally speaking, Ceramic Pro Calgary recommends that a clear bra be applied to highly subject areas of the car’s wrap. These prone areas include the mirrors, headlights and hood. However, clear bra can be applied to several different panels as well as the entire car itself.

Included in Package

  • Two coats of Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl
  • Vinyl Surface Protection from Rock Chips
  • Added Gloss to Surface
  • Starting at $1,295
The best way to protect your investment!