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There’s many names for paint protection. No matter what you know it as; clear bra, rock guard, stone guard, PPF, hood film, bumper cover or protective film, Paint Protection Film is the clear choice to protect your vehicle from chips, scratches and stains.

Paint Protection Film is an extremely durable, colorless film that protects your car’s paint from rock chips, road debris, discolouration, fading and more. Paint Protection Film will keep your vehicle looking like brand new a lot longer, without compromising your vehicle’s appearance.

Paint Protection
Paint Protection Advantage


A lot of our competitors use computer cut templates that they slap onto your vehicle, leaving massive gaps between body panels. These areas are still exposed to the elements, meaning they’re at risk of getting chipped or stained. Our method is different. We custom-install our paint protection film to wrap right into the seams, leaving no exposed areas. You won’t even be able to see the film is there when we’re done.
The films we use are made to last. We believe it’s not right to sacrifice quality quality products in order to make more money. The films we install will hold up to the toughest conditions. We’re so confident in that claim that our work is warrantied for the lifetime of the product.

Invisible Protection


We offer paint protection film in both clear and matte finishes, which gives you the option to change the look of your car if you’re looking to give your paint a frozen or frosted look.

The paint protection film we use is self-healing, meaning that dimples caused by rocks or swirls caused by brushes, car washes and more will work themselves out, leaving no evidence of any sort of damage.

Maybe you don’t want your whole car wrapped. We offer numerous paint protection packages to fit your needs.

Protection Application


  • Partial Hood & Fenders (Most Common)
  • Side Mirrors
  • Front Bumper
  • Rocker panels
  • Side Skirts
  • Doors
  • Door handles
  • Headlights/Fog Lights
  • Hood and Roof
  • Luggage Area
  • Entire Vehicle

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